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GOoPers Getting Nasty

The GOoPers are already at it with Nelson. Although the story itself is noteworthy, what is really telling is how the media treats this egregious behavior as "politics as usual" and rationalize that "both sides do it". But is that really true?

Here's what they're up to:
U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson predicted Republican attempts to oust him would get ugly as he seeks reelection next year.

But even Nelson was caught off guard when told a Republican group was questioning whether he would be easy on sexual predators simply because he appeared with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in historically black Eatonville, Fla.

After the appearance, the National Republican Senatorial Committee posted items on its website asking ''Nelson Campaigns With Obama -- Does He Agree With Obama's Record Of Lenience On Sexual Predators?'' and ''Does Nelson Agree With Obama's Refusal To Support Commonsense Measures To Keep Children Safe?'' The site then listed votes Obama made as a state senator on issues like sex offenders, pornography and adult businesses near schools.

The fact that Republicans in Washington and Florida are already rushing out attacks against Nelson 16 months before the election is a sign that they see him as beatable.
"Nelson's Senate reelection campaign could become nasty".


7/25/2005 5:35 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

The media have become so cynical that very little fazes them anymore.



7/25/2005 6:06 AM, by Anonymous Anonymous

Yeah, Nelson supports sexual predators. What will they think of next ... heck I can't think of anything more stupid than that.

These folks are desperate.



7/25/2005 7:14 AM, by Blogger Truth or Death

Wait... would you really try to argue that both sides don't get into this?

DNC Chair Dean rants against "evil," "corrupt," and "brain-dead" Republicans... is that not considered getting nasty?

And check out the National Republican Senatorial Committee article yourself, it raises some interesting questions.


Nelson is bringing Obama in to campaign for him. Why is it not legitimate to question Obama's positions in comparison to Nelson's?

Here's the real point either Nelson and Obama agree on the issues and are seeking to advance a common cause OR they don't agree on the issues, in which case Obama's appearance is not about driving good policy but rather about keeping another democrat in a position of authority.

So which is it? Thats a legitimate question. Do they agree on some issues but not others? Well, lets discuss it. Obama wil come. Nelson will highlight Obama's record and their common causes

And of course, the Republians are going to try and draw the most stark contrast they can. They are the opposition.

Surely, if Harris brought down say, Senator Rick Santorum, Democrats and the media would begin a discussion of Santorum's positions and comparing them to Harris's. And rightly so.

Naturally, the individuals a candidate affiliates themselves with is certainly an issue voters and the media and the opposition should discuss.

Thats politics as usual.



7/25/2005 4:25 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

Nelson is beatable. He will lose. And when he does, the last Democrat holding statewide office is gone. But I sure hope the Democrats can pay off that IRS payroll tax lien filed against the party. I think Scott Mattox instead of governor should run for chief financial officer of the state of Florida.



7/25/2005 7:33 PM, by Anonymous Anonymous

He supports sexual predators. Yeah, that will work.

But the point about the media not blasting those who dish out the dirt, they don't give you any extra credit for trying to be positive. So you might as well blast your opponent, but do so in a half-way believable way.

The Repubs won't be able to attack Nelson on any character issue, and they can try to attack him on certain votes, but since he votes with the Repubs so often, that may be tough to do.



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